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Linux training

Discover the Windows alternative that companies like IBM, Dell, HP, Novell and Sun are excited about. Students will install Linux, configure the X Window System, and learn to navigate the Linux command-line shell. Students will also learn fundamental concepts common to Linux: the kernel, Linux file system, boot process and run levels, shell scripting, and editing text files.

Course Details

Introduction to Using Linux

Planning your installation

Pre-installation Hardware Considerations

Installation of Linux

Installing and Updating Software in Linux

User Administration in Linux

Administration of Filesystems and Security

Administration of Networks in Linux

Linux Essentials

Configuring Printing and File Sharing

Configuration Files and Related Topics

Maintenance of a Linux System

Troubleshooting Problems in a Linux System

Troubleshooting in Linux

Hardware Issues in Linux

More Hardware Issues in Linux

Multimedia in Linux

Introduction to sed and awk

Security Issues

Printing and Mail

Hodgepodge: Learning to Learn Linux

Course Duration : 4 days
Course Fee : click here to register online
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